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1 – Why Should I use TAD Studio?


For many reasons including that we are experienced and reliable, and you can be sure you are going to get a bespoke design to fulfil your requirements and that will look great.


2 – How much does it cost to have a design by TAD Studio?


Our fees depend on the size, specific needs and nature of the project. Each project is unique and will be priced accordingly to the time and effort we will spend on each project. We offer a free initial appointment to discuss the project and requirements and we will provide you with a detailed quote after that.


3 – Another architectural designer has offered to design my project for less, can you match his/her quote? What do you offer more to be more expensive than them?


Architectural design is not a commodity and cannot be compared on a like for like basis. Our fees are based on the factors mentioned above and anything less will compromise the quality of our work. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and we will not deliver any substandard work to match other designers. We offer quality and individuality for people who want something special and unique. 
We have been very successful in achieving our objectives as above and this can be checked via all the excellent reviews we have been receiving from our clients.


4 – Am I going to get Planning Permission?


Since the start of our company we have secured planning consent to 95% of our projects in various Local Authorities in Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties. All Local Authorities have similar planning policies and the process is the same everywhere in the country. We monitor our planning applications and act quickly to address any issues before a refusal is issued. We also work with a Planning Consultant if the project is particularly sensitive and in a designated area such as “Conservation Areas” or if it is a listed building. We will do our best to secure planning permission to all our projects.

5 – How long is this process from start to finish?


Our work can vary from 3 to 4 weeks to prepare the drawings for submission to planning. Planning will take 8 weeks for issuing a decision. We will require another 3 to 4 weeks to prepare the Building Regulations drawings and apply to Building Control. Building Control can take up to 8 weeks to issue a decision as well. The whole process will take around 6 months to have all the permissions and drawings in place ready to tender.


6 – Do you have different styles of design?


We do, and we can help you if you are not sure which style you want to go with. Sometimes the client knows exactly what they want and just want us to refine and transform their ideas into reality. Others times they don’t know which way to go and need guidance and help on what is better for their own life styles. Sometimes the client does not have a preference and allow us to come up with our own proposals that would suit the site better. Whichever is your case, you can be certain that you will end up with a creative and unique design.


7 – How do I get this process started? I would like TAD Studio to create a design for me.


We hope our web site and our FAQ clarified many of your doubts, but if you still have questions on your head you can contact us and ask. If you are clear on the process now and you understand how the system works and what we can offer you and if you would like us to take your enquire further, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us using our ENQUIRIES FORM or call us on 01487 479 475 or 07971020171.